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Re: [at-l] cell phones

The old problem of what to carry, and who are you carrying it for?

Obviously the phone will not work except on certain peaks, and certainly 
not after the battery fails. If your parents insist. learn about the bounce 
box routine for mailing equipment between towns, and call them from the 
post office before taping the box shut for another 5-7 days.

Cell phones make a bit more sense for weekenders and section hikers. I have 
found that calling friends and family from the trail is not cool for 
others, the person I am calling (loved ones feel taunted) or myself (it 
gets me into city mode).

Atlanta, GA

At 01:49 AM 3/16/2000, Kenneth R. Knight wrote:
>I have been asked, asked again, and asked again, to take my cell phone on
>my AT hike. My parents are concerned. They have a right to be especially
>given that I've not done anything like this before and limited vision
>does play a role in my life.

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