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[at-l] cell phones

[ first if your mind is going to explode because I'm talking about cell 
phones and you feel you need to rant at me for taking one please take a 
deep breath and DON'T DO IT...]

I have been asked, asked again, and asked again, to take my cell phone on 
my AT hike. My parents are concerned. They have a right to be especially 
given that I've not done anything like this before and limited vision 
does play a role in my life. They want me to carry the cell phone so I 
can call for help should something dire happen. I completely understand 
that concern. But, I'd really rather not bother carrying the thing.

If I can convince them that the coverage in the trail itself just won't 
be found that'll do it. The seciton of trail that I'll spend most of my 
time in is in Vriginia. So, if we ignore moutain tops just how spotty is 

Please, don't rant at me on this. This bit of equipment is something I'd 
carry to calm the fears of my parents. They've not done any hiking on the 
AT and aren't really sure just how busy it can be this time of year (they 
hike, but different places and just day hiking - camping hs been 
something they've done for a VERY long time).

  ** Ken **

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