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Re: [at-l] Vasque Sundowners, Clarion, Sportiva Storm GTX

If you are asking have my Vasque Sundowners fallen apart yet the answer 
is definitely not. NOt sure how many miles of iking are on them, but it 
is certainly a good bit more than 500 miles. The heel support is great, 
the high top keeps scree and other crud out, and overall protection is 
excellent. For how I walk, I don't pay much attention to my feet, these 
shes are the way to go for me.

I will admit that after a long hard day it does feel great to take the 
Sundowners of and wiggle the toes especially if the day has been 
particularly hot, but I can live with that trade off.

Someday I may tri something like the New Balance 802/3, but that time is 
not here yet.

  ** Ken **

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