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Re: [at-l] storage space

No idea what to expect to pay, but a few words of caution. Look for fire 
protection, and especially look for flood protection. It will do you no 
good to return to find that you paid storage for ashes or (even worse) 
waterlogged trash. We had this bad experience in Franklin, VA after Floyd 
last year, with essentially no way for it to be insured or salvaged.

I like the way you are planning ahead.

Atlanta, GA

At 04:14 PM 3/14/2000, Tayta15@aol.com wrote:
>I'll be heading out for the trail one year from now and will have to throw
>all my stuff into a rented storage space....before i head out and start
>pricing them can anyone tell me what the average cost is so i dont get ripped

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