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Re: [at-l] Sleeping Bags

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> Thought my frozen sleepless nights was over.  WRONG  I tried sleeping in
it tonight in the back of my van with the windows open to simulate a AT
shelter.  Used my z-rest pad and wore my long johns just like I was hiking.
The temp outside is in the upper 20's with a light breeze. I WAS COLD !!!
Came inside when I started to shiver.  So does anyone know of a good WARM
light weight bag that won't break my pocket book???
> Dreaming of warm trail nights
> ATwanabe


Your sleeping cold could have several causes.

If the cold was coming from the bottom then the z-rest isn't enough for you.
(I know that they aren't enough padding or insulation for me.)

Why don't you try just getting in the bag _without_ long johns. Unless I'm
sleeping in a bag that is underrated by 20 to 30 degrees for the temperature
that I'm sleeping in I'm much more comfortable sleeping in boxers or just au
natural. You won't get cold spots in your bag that way.

If you are simply cold blooded try filling a nalgene with boiling water and
throw it in your bag about 20 minutes before you climb in to pre heat it.
Unless it is very very cold it should keep you cozy for six to eight hours.

Oh yeah, don't forget to consume plenty of calories before you go to sleep
to ensure that your body can produce enough heat to keep you happy.

(who did most of his thru with a 40 degree bag)

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