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Re: [at-l] Updates

>>> Pete Fornof <athiker@plantnet.com> 03/12/00 11:53AM >>>
Has anyone heard anything about how the early hikers are doing? How's
the weather on the trail in Georgia? Any reports from Neel's Gap? We had
5" of snow here yesterday and was wondering if that system hit the
Southern Appalachians? I wonder how many people started this early?
Hikers seem to start earlier and earlier each year.
--Peter H. Fornof

Hurd from RamBunny last night. She is in great spirits, about ready, after 10 days of moseying through Georgia, to enter Notth Karo-lynah. They've had rain, sure, but extremely nice days, too, and then one miserable morning when they woke up to blowing snow trying to stick on last fall's leaves. Her pack cover leaks. Her stove (Svea 123R) works great, although she encourages all users to tighten the gas cap before igniting the stove. Her pack she guesses to go about 40 pounds thus far, but her tone (a curious mix of pride and contrition) suggests she now sees the wisdom of Tuckerization. She has only frozen the one morning, prefering to spend more time in cozy bag in the cold A.M., then hikie-hikie after dark to even out the day. And the consensus of these "early starters" is that they are glad to avoid the rush expected for Y2000: attrition so far, she says, has been fantasticly high — people dropping like flies — and this before she's even out of Georgia. (Maybe it's like this every year???)
She wishes everyone well, and looks forward to meeting up, on up the trail.


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