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Re: [at-l] Updates

>>> Pete Fornof <athiker@plantnet.com> 03/12/00 11:53AM >>>
Has anyone heard anything about how the early hikers are doing?

And then there's Rick Bombaci, from Ore-gun, who passed through Indy last week on his way to Springer via F.L.A via Binghamton, NY; expecting to start on March 20. (A great day to start a throughhike, in my estimation.) Rick rolled in Wednesday nite; we ate Chinese and Vietnamese; he survived my AT photos, and in the morning, we went for a run (where he reined in the entire time — this guy's a natural, fluid, graceful runner like I dream to be with another 100 miles or so per week). But Rick's no throughhiker, at this point, nooooooo. He repeatedly gave me the larger portion at dinner, refused seconds, turned down my _request_ that we go for ice cream. Same deal the next morning, with Tommy's Guaranteed Eggs (genetically patterned after Gene's All-Day Pancakes). Wimpy tummy. Deserves trailname of ......"Pea-Gut", or "Declines Seconds", or something worse, like "Yogi Me."
But a true pleasure to meet him, and I'll look forward to following his progress on up the trail.

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