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Re: [at-l] Getting ready... (and a gear list)

On 3/13/2000 12:18 PM Tom Janofsky twj175@voicenet.com wrote:

>Tent		Nomad Lite			38
>Cold Bag	SD Wild Bill (long)	60
>Mattress	Staytek Ultralight full length (in stuff)	26

>Water bottles	(2) Nalgene 32 oz	8
>Water bag	MSR Dromlite 2L		4
>Water Filter 	MSR Mninworks (w/ sm rpr kit)	16
>Backup	Polar pure			3.5

Soda bottles work well here. Though I am undecided too whether I'll take 
a Nalgene or not. I may take one Nalgene and a soda bottle. 3 soda 
bottles would weigh about 4 ounces.

>Socks	"Thorlo Trekkers/Coolmax line (3 carried, 1 worn - weight for 3)"	19.5

Seems like a lot of socks. At most I would have 3 pairs all told. One 
worn, two in the pack.

>Worn & Carried
>long underwear shirt	Duofold Thermax (2)	17.5
>running tights	"1 long, 2 short"	10

Why 2 long underwear shirts and 2 shorts. SHouldn't 1 of each be enough.

>Shorts	Umbro (2)	5

Why 2 pairs? How do these differ from the running lights?

>Stove 2	Esbit (with 6 tabs)	6

You'll need more than 6 tabs for 5 days. I'd budget 1.5-2 tabs per day if 
you are doing one hot meal and drink. At least that's been my experience.

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