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RE: [at-l] OK, a gear list it is

On 3/12/2000 8:46 AM L. Parker lparker@cacaphony.net wrote:

>I would take them if I were you. The first couple days on the trail and you
>are going to WANT to get out of your boots. Later, they will be handy for
>stream crossings. If you are doing like Nimblewill or the Old Ridgerunner
>and starting down in Alabama, you will need them for stream crossings almost

Nope. Just planning a section hike. VA-PA is all goes well. If it goes 
really well I'll do more in late summer through fall.

I think I'll leave things like the ECT (IAT) to others. I'd certainly be 
leary of the Florida Trail, at least parts, after reading Nimbleweed 
Nomad's journals on the beginning of his hike. I'd want company for that 
so I wouldn't get lost.

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