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RE: [at-l] OK, a gear list it is

> I think I'll leave things like the ECT (IAT) to others. I'd
> certainly be
> leary of the Florida Trail, at least parts, after reading Nimbleweed
> Nomad's journals on the beginning of his hike. I'd want
> company for that
> so I wouldn't get lost.

Funny you should mention that. I just got back from a Pot Luck at the Ranger
station just south of Crestview, Florida where we are hosting a work crew
from the American Hiking Society. We have 75 miles of trail under
construction for the Florida Trail here. My last few weekends have been
spent with a map and compass and rolls of flagging tape! We marked 16 more
miles for the AHS crew to clear. We have a bridge building crew coming at
the end of the month as well.

Lee I Joe

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