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RE: [at-l] OK, a gear list it is

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> From: Kenneth R. Knight [mailto:krk@home.msen.com]
> Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 12:55 AM
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> Subject: RE: [at-l] OK, a gear list it is
> >> 50' rope	                               70
2.47	      I
> >
> >Not necessary really, but I never go anywhere without one myself...
> Well maybe not that much is needed to hang food, string a
> clothsline, or
> what not. But, I'm going to carry some amount of rope.

I actually carry 100 feet of 5 mm climbing rope. It is the sort we usually
use to haul our gear up with, not us, but it is strong enough for that
purpose in an emergency. The whole hundred feet is less than a pound.

> Thanks. If I dropped the "misc optionals" out the gear weight
> would drop
> to around 20 pounds. Went with a tarp instead of the
> Stephenson (which is
> pretty darn light considering how big it is; I'd not mind
> having a Nomad
> or if I had the ability to make Tread Well's TW2 that) then I could
> probably drop it to about 18 pounds. But, I'll be very happy
> if 25 pounds
> with five days of food is where I end up. That's a lot
> lighter than many
> hikers you meet on the AT.
> I was skimming the Trailplace journals and the lightest pack
> I've seen so
> far weighed in at Springer at something like 38 pounds.

I weighed in at 42 pounds at Amicalola...by the time I headed down off
Springer it weighed 47 pounds, from five extra pounds of food that had been
dumped as trash on the side of the trail. It took me a day and a half to
find a convenient motorist to haul it out for me!

> By the way, I did not include camp shoes in the gear list. I
> don't own
> any. I'm not sure if it is worth even getting a pear of Teva
> knock offs
> for the purpose (I have heavy Tevas). However, most people
> seem to carry
> some sort of camp shoe. Am I unusual in that I don't? If I
> had something
> that tipped the scales at less than 6-7 ounces then maybe....

I would take them if I were you. The first couple days on the trail and you
are going to WANT to get out of your boots. Later, they will be handy for
stream crossings. If you are doing like Nimblewill or the Old Ridgerunner
and starting down in Alabama, you will need them for stream crossings almost

Lee I Joe

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