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[at-l] courtesy

Before I press the send button I read the following a number of times
wondering what kind of response it will get.  I enjoy nmost of what I see
hear, especially the genuine friendships that exist. On the other hand I
know that some posts will cause some people to come out with guns blazing.
This one may do that . I am sorry if it does.
I noticed two seemingly contradictory comments about this list and thought I
would like to comment on them

>Ronald Moak wrote:
>> It almost seems as if this list is beginning
>> to take on a little flavor of that other one
>> we like to criticize so much.

>From: kahley7 <kahley7@ptd.net>
>Subject: Re: [at-l] Computers and courtesy

>Consider.... his head has been clogged with the toxic
smoke of
>oppression that swirls around that "other" list's fire.  He's been chaffing
under the
>restraints of rules to_enforce_courteous treatment of others.  Freed of the
>he seems to find it hard to understand that, here, we try to treat our
fellow listers
with respect and disagree without being disagreeable....voluntarily.

I definitely agree with the first comment.  If someone posts something tto
the other list that the owner does not agree with, the response will likely
be a sermon from on high about the correct opinion, and sometimes he will be
quick tempered in his response.  There are a number of topics that will set
him off, such as definition of thru hike, purists, AMC, other lists,etc.

When someone posts something to this list, there can be disagreeable
responses because of the topic, ie WF, or because of the identity of the
person who made the original posting.

About a week ago, Baltimore Jack posted something in which he said that we
are entitled to say anything we want but asked for some fairness in our
comments and I believe he also mentioned that maybe we could all be more
courteous.  There were a number of replies but one in particular struck me.
It took apart Jack's post piece by piece. I could not believe it, lambasting
a post that simply asks for courtesy and fairness.

The person even searched the archives to find something Jack had posted that
was not courteous.  What was the point?  Jack was not courteous, so why
should we be courteous?

It reminds me of one of the comments I received after an infamous post I
made.  Someone suggested that If Jay Leno can attack public people, there is
nothing wrong with people here doing likewise. I agree that people can say
whatever they want but sometimes I find the tone just seems to go against
the feelings that existed between the hikers in our thru hike last year.  We
felt we were in a better and  friendlier society while we were out there.
As I said before, I must be naive.  You would think I would know better at
my age.

I enjoyed Baltmore jack's recent posts.  In my opinion, they seem thought
out and reasonable. I dont expect everyone will agree with him and I am sure
he does not expect it either. In fact I think he was looking for a healthy


MA and PA 99

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