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Re: [at-l] A few comments to some of my fans. . .

I am picking just this one section to quote, but I've seen similar 
statements before. 

Jack, you say that you are not speaking for others and then you write 
something like this.  This is hardly a "clearly known" issue. Several 
people, the core list posters, have weighed in on this debate. Some do 
not like to see computers used on the trail, others do not mind, and 
others do not mind as long as the user excersizes a little courtesy 
(though no one has yet said they go up to people ask request they stop). 
Doesn't sound like a "clearly known" issue to me. I will grant that I 
tend to bridle when I see statements that suggest that "everyone knows" 
something and that those don't know it are fools. Some of your messages 
have left that impression on me (by the way, I'm curious why my querries 
have gone unanswered in my responses).

I guess I'll repeat what I've said before. Tools can be used and abused. 
Firing up a loud stove at midnight near sleeping people could be 
considered an abuse. Chopping wood for a fire at 6:00AM could also be 
considered an abuse. Sitting near many sleeping hikers typing on a 
keyboard could be considered an abuse. But, doing any of these things at 
a more reasonable time (i.e., when people are awake) seems reasonable to 

I must admit I'm a little saddened to see that some people, including it 
seems Jack, can have their experiences on the trail ruined so easily. I'm 
not going to let that ruin my day.

  ** Ken **

On 3/11/2000 3:29 PM Jack Tarlin baltjack@hotmail.com wrote:

>This is NOT merely my opinion; it is clearly known, and there IS an 
>etiquette established for the use of these items.  Anyone who chooses to 
>deny this is either ignoring what they know to be true, or, they simply 
>haven't spent sufficient time on the Trail to speak with any level of 
>accuracy on the realities of Trail life.

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