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[at-l] Re: Light Pollution on the AT

Well, you got me on that. I am a bit of an amateur astronomer, and I know 
very well of the problems of dark accommodation and the perils of 
flashlights. That is why I pack the Photon orange as a fair compromise for 
maintenance of night vision with enough yellow to actually read or find 
that O-ring I dropped.

Personally, I'm asleep in my Nomad on a Ridgerest when twilight is gone, 
unless there is an incredible sky. I snore to beat the band, and scare away 
the varmints. If I am enjoying the sky and someone stumbles around with a 
flashlight, they will learn of my opinion regarding their parent's fertility.

And 15 minutes late my eyes have recovered, although the stumbler is out 
like a light!

I don't think I want to know what your concept of "any legitimate night 
purpose" would be. After all, this is a family rated list.

Atlanta, GA

At 01:52 PM 3/11/2000, David Addleton wrote:
>If there were more amature astronomers on the trail, I can bet the hue an
>cry against flashlights would be louder.  They have already started
>political action against light pollution from city lights. Could flashlights
>be next??

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