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[at-l] Light Pollution on the AT

and WildBillHickUp palmed:

>Someone using pen and paper and writing at night with a flashlight, would
>more of an "eye sore" then then someone with a palm pilot.

whilst OB dictated:

> Gee, don't you enjoy trolling and finding a target for your aggressions?
> Why do you have to go and spoil things by offering moderation and reason
> a subject that is so trivial!  <VBG>

> I suspect that if someone's use of a cell phone, computer, recorder,
> guitar, or (fill in the blank) ruins your wilderness experience, you have
> significant problems.

to which I keyboard:

Aeye, lad, Aey dew haest graete aenga uever flaeschlickts ...

so I am looking for a shrink ... but until I find the right professional,
here goes:

flaeschlickts spoil the aeye for night viewing.

[It takes about 15 minutes for the eye to readjust for optimal celestial
viewing after a flashlight passes by.  4 flashlights and my sky watching is
doomed for an hour. I can make a case, I do believe, that flashlights are
not a trivial nusaince.]

Flashlights are high tech intrusions.

Flashlights are unnatural.

Stars provide sufficient light for any legitimate night purpose;
the full moon provides too much light for any legitimate night purpose.

You should've done in daylight what you need a flashlight for at night.

Will the parapackers confiscate flashlights?

If there were more amature astronomers on the trail, I can bet the hue an
cry against flashlights would be louder.  They have already started
political action against light pollution from city lights. Could flashlights
be next??

Ye hoo knaux me, knaux me tong liest nae'r me chaek, thaoux naught in et.

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