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Re: [at-l] more than hiking

In a message dated 3/10/00 5:36:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, plodder@juno.com 

<< o drink the hard stuff will have to waith till you get to Erwin to buy the 
taxed stuff.
 Plodder >>

Last time I checked (like a few months ago when I lived there) you can't get 
any 'hard' stuff in Erwin.  There are three or four licenses - for beer - in 
two honky tonks (one a drive thru also LOL) and I think two stores that have 
beer licenses.  That's it.  If you want to drink. . . yea, you can get beer.  
The only way you get harder is to go further (to Johnson City or 
Jonesborough)  No beer on Sundays. No beer on ANY holiday.  Just so's you all 
know - that are planning on thru hiking  - many a thru hiker was handed some 
REALLY GOOD moonshine by locals while being given a ride.  So. . . I am 
supposing my point is - Erwin ain't a drinking town.  But drinking can be 
had.  I must add a disclaimer - I am not saying DRINKING IS GOOD or DRINKING 
IS BAD.  I am just giving a slight report on available drinking in Erwin.  

Please don't sue me.

The Redhead
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