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[at-l] Advocacy worth supporting

   Folks:  I know how some folks feel about Trailplace and its supervisor.  
(Believe me, I KNOW exactly how some people feel!)
I've disagreed with many of the things expressed on that site, and have had 
public disagreements with Trailplace's host.  This includes some of his 
"Trail advocacy" programs, and the methods he's chosen to implement his idea 
of advocacy.  That being said, I think his present project is a most worthy 
one, and I urge you all to keep an open mind, check out the subject at hand, 
and participate in one form or another.  Details are included below; I urge 
you all to take part in this discussion/letter campaign in one way or 
another, either thru Trailplace's campaign, or with an individual letter.  
In any case, this is very important stuff; please take a moment or two and 
check it out.

    P.S.  Nobody asked me to post this to this mailing list; it was entirely 
my idea.  It occurred  to me that folks who have "tuned out" Trailplace, for 
whatever reason, may, in the process, have tuned out some important 
information.  I respect anyone's opinion on Trailplace and how its run, but 
there are times when it presents something we should all know about, and 
this is one such time.  Thanx in advance for your help with this project, 
and I hope you all write letters.

>From: ATML <atlist@trailplace.com>
>To: atml@trailplace.com
>Subject: ATML Important -- Please read!!
>Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 14:35:10 -0500
>Your help is urgently needed!
>The State of North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources
>(DENR) has opened a public comment period to consider modification or
>revocation of a mining permit they issued last year which will create a
>151-acre open pit gravel mine/rock crushing operation within full view (and
>hearing) of the Appalachian Trail as it crosses Hump Mountain in the Roan
>We have a chance to stop the mine/quarry if we can show enough concern from
>the AT community. DENR failed to take into consideration the AT when it
>issued the mining permit (they didn't even know where the Trail was with
>respect to the mine), something that violates North Carolina law. We are
>asking each of you to write a letter stating that you want the permit 
>We have placed a letter-writing section on-line so that you can easily and
>quickly write a meaningful letter in your own words. Background information
>and photos are provided, and prompts are given to help you be on target
>when you write your comments, and your comments will be sent to DENR (and
>key decision makers) by e-mail automatically for placement in the official
>record for the public comment period. Your comments can make the 
>We have a chance to prevent a travesty to the Trail and its mountain
>environment. It is important that each of you share your views today (we
>don't have much time for making comments). Full details are given at:
>Please! Please! Please! Take a few minutes to write a letter and help us
>show the State of North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural
>Resources that we in the AT community are vigourously supporting efforts to
>protect the Appalachian Trail. They need to hear this from each of us now!
>Thanks for your help,

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