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[at-l] 'sup

Just a brief note to fill y'all in on a few tings:

I slammed my thumb in the door of my truck last week. I had to melt a
hole in the nail that night to release the pressure. Dang, that hurt.

I ran over my new puppy, Stanley, with a tractor on Sunday. Broken leg,
broken ribs, broken heart (mine). He will be okay and has been the
sweetest little broken-legged, broken-ribbed puppy you'll ever see.

Millie lost her ovaries yesterday. (She's my sweet little kitty.) The
vet found them. She's recovering, but I think is a little pist at me.

I talked to Waterboy last night. He left today for Atlanta. He starts
hiking on Monday.

Blue Moon and I went through Allyson Straka's pack one night last week.
It was amazing how blue Moon and I could differ in opinion on so many
things. Allyson left town (Bloomington) today and hits Springer a week
from tomorrow.

Stoat and I have been working full time this week. Mulchin' like madmen.
It has been 70+ until today. 6 inches of snow expected tomorrow.

Somehow, I set the alarms off at two Mellencamp properties today. I know
all of the fine folks at General Alarm now.

Aunt Fritzi has been looking oh, so fine.

I took a guy I work with at the Mellencamp's to the airport Tuesday. He
was going to tour with Ted Nugent and Kiss (as Nugent's wardrobe
manager). I had a message on my answering machine yesterday that was
just loud guitars. Scooter called me last night and said it was Terrible
Ted during rehearsal of "Stranglehold". That was pretty cool. (See, cell
phones can be useful)

I don't hear from Leapfrog much. I don't like that.

Well, I must go. I'm having ladybug races and the second heat is about
to start.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

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