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Re: [at-l] Leaving

Well the time has come for me to leave the list for a while. No, I'm not
thru-hiking (I wish!). As much fun as it is to converse, debate and
occasionally outright argue with y'all, it is taking up too much of my
time. My son has asked me to webmaster his startup site and I have my own
ventures that are being neglected. I need to develop some discipline and
get more done. That means prioritizing and since reading/responding to a
hundred or so e-mails a day doesn't further any of the goals I've set, it's
the list that has to go. Farewell all. May all your hikes be pleasant
whether you go high-tech, low-tech or no-tech. Thanks to the readers on the
list who turned me on to Kenneth Roberts and the Harry Potter series.
Perhaps I'm be back in a few months.

The webmaster formerly known as Saunterer
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