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Re: [at-l] Computers and courtesy

A jerk is a jerk, he/she doesn't need a computer... Everything is "them", 
are the center of everything, they are the only ones that matter...

They are found all over the world... Hopefully we find a smaller % of them
on the trail....


In a message dated 03/10/2000 2:07:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
baltjack@hotmail.com writes:

      This post will probably piss some folks off, because of its content, 
 tone, and wording. I wish this were avoidable, but I'm afraid it can't be 
      That being said, I wanted to thank all the folks who've written, both 
 publicly, and privately to me, in regards to my recent "survey" on computers 
 in the woods, their use, and how hikers view them.  Nearly all of the 
 comments I read or received were thoughtful, sensible, and educational.
      However, one comment really bothered me.  I won't embarass the guy by 
 naming him, but I will comment on his remarks.  In discussing the propriety 
 of computers on the trail, and the etiquette involving their use, this 
 fellow made it very clear that he intended to carry and use his computer 
 throughout his trip, wherever and however he wished, and that he didn't give 
 a rat's ass how others felt about this behavior.  In no uncertain terms, he 
 said, and I quote, "I don't feel I should have to hide in the woods to use 
 it."  As far as the etiquette surrounding the use of electronic gadgetry on 
 the A.T. he said "Each person should decide for themselves."


 In other words, your "right" to Hike Your Own Hike stops 
 flat when it interferes with others' right to hike theirs, and obviously, 
 such behavior as improper cell phone use, playing video games, listening to 
 a radio or tape deck without an earplug----all of this is clearly 
 unacceptable, rude, classless, offensive, selfish, boorish, inconsiderate 


                                        Jack Tarlin
                                    (AT 95-96;97;98;99; and
                                        hopefully '00)
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