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[at-l] Weekend report ALT

Hi Gang,

	I just got back from another great weekend hiking on the ALT. This time
it was a 27 miles section beginning on WV 92 and ending in VA on
interstate 64. The ALT makes you really appreciate the level tread way
that we often take for granite on the AT. Some of the way the ALT is
just blazes thru the woods with little or no apparent tread way visible.
Much of it is on woods road following the crest of the Allegheny
mountain, the "Eastern Continintal Divide". Of course I have only seen
about 50 miles of the trail so far! I like the very quite woods,
reminded me of VT in September, not much stirring. The view sheds have
been great too. From my campsites I could only view one man made light
shinning each night. The pleasant folks at the Outdoor Center in White
Sulpher Springs provided me a shuttle for $26.50.
	Hey I just got a Congratulations Award from the ATC on my completing
the whole AT in 99 :-D. Or should I say by 99 since it took me 18 years
to do. Did I miss anything real important on the ATL? I deleted the last
1500 messages :-(. Too much work and a busy hike schedule. 112 miles for
2000 and counting.

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