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Re: [at-l] Infestation consternation

In a message dated 3/3/00 11:44:34, ATnavi@aol.com writes:

>Anyone have any ideas on how to chase off raccoons 
>permanently? And no, I don't own a shotgun.

The raccoons in our area learned how much fun it was to taunt the dog. You 
could almost see them up in the tree egging him on when he'd run round and 
round the tree barking and barking--and making us get out of bed to bring him 

We borrowed a live trap from Ky Fish & Wildlife. Each time we caught one, we 
had the local game warden haul it off to a less residential area. This may 
have worked because John worked for Fish & Wildlife, but the Florida wildlife 
people will surely have some good suggestions.

BTW, Oreos are excellent bait.
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