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Re: [at-l] Infestation consternation


If you're squeamish about killing them, then I guess live traps and
relocation is the only other option.  I don't think there's anything that
you can do that would keep them from coming around.  Growing up in the
country, we used live traps to catch raccoons and possums that would tear up
our garden, raid our fruit trees and and destroy our grape vines; however,
we only did it because most were only out at night when we were asleep. 
Preferred method was a shotgun if we saw them.

Havahart is a big name in live traps.  There are competing brands, but make
sure you get one big enough, and strong enough, to handle a mad raccoon;
they can tear up an inferior trap.  


Here's a picture of one at a site you can order.  To find others, just do an
internet search for havahart or live animal traps.  I haven't looked for one
in a while, but many general stores carry them, and maybe Walmart or feed &
seed stores.


They're not real cheap, but it sounds like it might save you money, and
worry, in the long run.  

Good luck,

Tim Rich
Kennesaw, GA

On Fri, 3 Mar 2000 10:42:02 EST, ATnavi@aol.com wrote:

>  Raccoons. Eight of them, plus a pregnant mama about to pop out some more.

>  They scamper over my roof, waking me up. They raid the horse trough,
>  the eggs from under the geese, taunt the dog to the end of his lead. 
>  Varmints. Boldly strolling through the yard in the middle of the day,
>  under my car.
>  With a couple small children around, I'm worried about how bold these 
>  critters have gotten. Anyone have any ideas on how to chase off raccoons 
>  permanently? And no, I don't own a shotgun.
>  Cheers, Navigator
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