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Re: [at-l] was The great at-l limerick challenge

On Fri, 3 Mar 2000 01:17:22 -0500 "Kenneth R. Knight" <krk@home.msen.com>
> In a related vein how do must of you handle repeating bills such as 
> utilities, phone, and most importantly credit card, while away on a 
> long 
> distance hike?
A lot of those can be either prepaid or set up with automatic payments. 
We had a family member pay the final phone, electric etc., but had the
bank make an automatic monthly payment to the credit card.  It worked. 
Having someone look through your mail can be a good idea though, since
there are sometimes unexpected bills, checks, etc.  And  some can't be
prepaid.  Our car insurance came due in July and they wouldn't allow us
to prepay. The support person can either forward the bills to you or pay
them for you.  I got jury duty notice while I was gone - and a phone bill
two months after the phone was disconnected.  We prepaid storage. The car
inspection was the other problem - due in August, they wouldn't allow us
to do it early.  Lots of details to consider.

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