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[at-l] My cooking?

Very funny, Auntie Coosa!  You had to go tell, huh?  I guess, thinking back 
on it, any time I've fed a hiker at home, Toney *HAS* come over to cook.  
It's a part of our divorce agreement.  He has to cook whenever I entertain, 
so as not to reveal my inadequecies in the kitchen.  So much for domestic 
goddess status <g>.  I make a mean liptons on the Trail, though :)

The Redhead

>>Oh, Toney coming over to fix dinner for the group, then?<<


>DaRedhead@aol.com wrote:
Sorry :(  I hearby solemnly swear to NEVER EVER EVER mention WF on this list 
>I say we all hang on to this post. Next time Red mentions WF, she owes
everyone with this post dinner. Now, that's punishment enuff, ain't it?

>Felix J. McGillicuddy
>ME-->GA '98
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