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[at-l] really?

>It demeans the accomplishment of those who really do hike.

I have said it once, I will say it again: those who lie about their hike
do not demean my hike in any way, shape or form.  I enjoyed myself too
much to be worried about a person who "yellow blazed" 200 miles of the
trail.  When I was at Katahdin did I think "DAMN THOSE LIARS!  MY HIKE IS

If I was to hike the Boston marathon (not likely! :D), and someone did
not-but claim they did, how does that demean my experience? I know  I ran
26.2 miles, and nothing demeans that experience.

So this is one former thru-hiker who does not feel demeaned in anyway
when someone lies about their hike.  I just remember my times on a quiet
beach at Jo-Mary lake, or the time I camped near a road and saw a
gorgeous sunset at Mooslookgaguntic (SP??!?) lake. And nothing, I mean
NOTHING, can demean that experience.


Eanie, Meanie. Jelly Beanie. The spirits are about to speak!
--Bullwinkle Moose
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