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[at-l] introduction


Hello, all. 

My name is Moira. I've been lurking for several months now. In trying to
keep out of any thread I don't know a lot about, I haven't yet had an
occasion to speak. 

But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

So, hi. I'm planning a Northbound thru-hike in 2001. This summer, I hope
to do a good chunk of the long path here in the NY area to brush up my
skills and my gear (and my determination). I joined the list to meet the
community. And, my, meet you I have. I feel like I've joined a family. A
large, dysfunctional, freakishly passionate family. 

My opening salvo into the campfire convo is this: how many AT guides are
published, and by whom? In all the hubub about WF's guide and the
"official" guide and Rose's (who?) Maine guide, I can't seem to get a
handle on which I should look for. 

Anyone want to do a simply listing, with some short reviews about each

Thanks. And nice to meet you.



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