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Re: [at-l] ... a respectful suggestion

Had I known about your blueberry bushes, I would have proposed!
We're having a great little mini-mud season up here.  I'm sorrowing over
not being atop the local mtn during blueberry time in late July--you
literally graze your way up the mountain-- but would much rather be where
I'll be wherever that be.  One summer about 10 years ago a friend and I
hiked up bald mtn on the AT in Maine in time for a display of blackberry,
raspberry and blueberry bushes ALL bearing fruit at the same time.  We were
hiking along side a troup of boyscouts for a while.  When we got to a field
of ripe blueberries, my friend and I threw ourselves on the ground and
began to graze.  About fifteen minutes later we looked up, realizing that
the boy scouts were all politely standing round us.  Some had plasic
baggies and were picking a few berries, no one was eating.  We asked why
now and they looked shocked.  It would spoil our dinner!  One of the scout
leaders (a young male who had been flirting with us for a few miles) said.
	Later we all ended up at the same tenting site.  The boyscouts invited us
to partake of their dinner (some sort of dehydrated grey thingie)--we
politely declined.  Then they offered us dessert--dehydrated chocolate
	They forewent blueberries for THAT?  It was--not while taking away guns
from students in inner-city classrooms--but at THIS moment in the mtns,
that I truly began to worry about our country's youth.

	If I propose, do I get my own grazing rights?

At 08:39 AM 3/2/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Yes! Great idea.
>For anyone noticing, it is March 2. The crocuses and jonquils are both 
>blooming in my yard - never before in memory. The Vincas have their purple 
>blooms and faint smell. My blueberry bushes are laden with buds. The tulip 
>poplars are blooming. It is Spring time in Georgia at the 800 foot level.
>What's happening up at 2000 feet?
>At 05:35 AM 3/2/2000, Robert L Dudley wrote:
>>We should be channeling our energies to hiking.  The snow is gone in PA
>>and the weather is very pleasant for March.  I had to run to the store
>>last night and instead of taking the car I walked.
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