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Re: [at-l] Well...

Wing "nuts", nickname some of the folks I associate with, in some other AT 
circles have dubbed Mr. Dan Bruce rather than Wing "foot", since most of us 
think, "the dude" is a paranoid schizophrenic, of the lights of some of the 
leadership of the "Third Reich", anyway, who cares, his cover is off, and I 
truly believe that is not worth it to spend anymore energy in mentioning 
him, or his "evil empire", (thank you Mr Reagan for coining the phrase, we 
got a new use for it after the demise of the soviet system).
  I was watching Austin Powers the other day with my kids and I decided 
that, maybe, we all could pony up the money to clone the man, so that way he 
can have his "mini me", and get a second opinion before he incinerates 
everyone who does not became one of his drones in his pursuit of becoming 
the AT Emperor.

(side line: I am just having a great deal of fun this morning, I think is 
the result of oversleeping, I did 9 hours, can you believe it??)

Anyway, I do not frequent the Death Star of the Cyber AT anymore, since I 
was banned to the Cyber AT Siberia by "His Imperial Holiness",
I am really glad actually, since I did not miss on anything, and I do not 
get the dosage of warped info and half lies that permeate the whole panorama 
of the place.

I only know that this community is great, folks are passionate about a great 
place and activity, I cannot think of a better place to be at any time than 
hiking the mountains and specially the AT, pity, that HIH decided that he 
would choose this place to make it his own, and contradict and denigrate 
everyone who disagrees with him in the process. I am a member of the ATC, I 
will continue being one for as long as my allowance is enough to pay the 
dues, if I have to pony up money to help pay the layers  to defend it, and 
ALDHA against lawsuits from, the self proclaimed, "Defender of the Trail", I 
will consider it,not only my obligation as a member of this community but 
also as an honor. What a shame that some many people have to spend so much 
time posting, negative talk, rather than the joy of being here, just because 
one decided to sour the milk. Someone said, that would not mention the issue 
or his name again, and, as much as I enjoy a good bash, I will follow this 
train of thought, it has became debilitating, handicapping, if we as a 
community cannot find a new line of dialog, then we should keep quiet until 
some other worthy subject arises. We beat this horse to death already 
several times and the only thing is doing, we are validating, HIH, (his 
imperial holiness(WF)), and his poisonous rhetoric.

Hope I didn't rub any spots raw on anyone's feelings, and if I did, let me 
know and I will send you some cyber aloe vera cream, I truly believe in 
hiking my own hike, which for those who know me,(specially my kids) is an 
amazing fact, since I am not even close as being this democratic on anything 
else, I think, hiking is the place in my life where I leave my hair down and 
enjoy myself. Therefore, from this moment forward, the name, nor the name of 
that place, will ever pass thru my lips or fingertips. Vox populi,Vox Dei.

>From: HikingHope@aol.com
>To: jpando38@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: [at-l] Well...
>Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 10:50:07 EST
>In a message dated 3/1/2000 11:36:51 PM Mountain Standard Time,
>jpando38@hotmail.com writes:
><< they deserve Wingnuts. >>
>I could understand all of your post but the reference to Wingnuts.  
>are Wingnuts?

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