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Re: [at-l] Well...

>From: kahley7 <kahley7@ptd.net>
>To: at-l@backcountry.net
>Subject: Re: [at-l] Well...
>Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 09:09:44 -0500
>I hate to disappoint you dear friend, but I for one would welcome a
>reasoned discursion
>of Dan.  He's been subject verboten here for a long time.  Tommykins , or
>was it Feelix
>likened him to the elephant in the living room....it gets hard to ignore
>after a while.
>When his fits of pique were limited to attacking Damascus for not honoring
>him as the
>originator of Trail Days or siccing (SP?) the FBI on people for that
>imaginary hacking of TP,
>it was pretty laughable.  But in recent months, he has been constantly
>attacking the ATC
>and ALDHA to an audience of who knows how many.  If you never drop in on
>the forums,
>you don't hear about it.  But thousands do and it has to have an effect on
>their attitudes
>about this Trail organizations.  And if this current thread is more than
>just bluff , bluster and
>another ploy for sympathy, it will cost us money!  Our dues will go to
>lawyers....not to trail
>related stuff.  Next year this time you may all be really grateful that I
>have finally stopped bugging
>you about contributing to the ALDHA defense fund.....perish the thought! 
>Beyond the current legal threats, the thing that really frosts me, is his
>intentional division of the
>Trail community.  It's not like we don't have enough things that divide
>us...thru/section hikers,
>dogs/no dogs, poles/sticks.....now there is a growing breech over him.  He
>is a polarizing
>influence.  It's either TP or the ATC, the Avery Awards or the Thruhiker
>patch.  yada yada yada.
>This is what really worries me.  As Coosa pointed out, there are so damn
>few of us ...I hate to
>see whatever clout we can wield split to serve the aims of one man.  And as
>time goes on,
>a man that seems to be getting more and more unstable.
>Think about the Trail as Dan envisages it.  Avery monitors, quietly keeping
>watch as to who
>hikes where and when just in case someone decides to apply.  And since
>those monitors
>will be human, maybe they might decide to challenge an application of a
>hiker because he
>committed the sin of being spotted carrying a telemail.  This whole peer
>review thing gives me
>the willys.  Not because I would ever apply, but because there will be
>people out there who
>will be taking notice of my hike, just in case I do.  Talk about an
>intrusion into my wilderness
>Maybe this isn't about money....I guess that's just my way of thinking
>because that is a motive
>I can understand.  Who wouldn't want to make a living talking Trail.  I
>used to think he was
>really smart to pull it off.  I mean no matter how spartan his lifestyle,
>he is funding it from the
>Trail and that's ok.  And if he can get people to donate to him or
>volunteer to do some of
>the work that's cool in my book.  But why does he have to attack the ATC
>and ALDHA at every
>turn?  Why isn't he content to be himself rather than to hide behind the
>Center for AT Studies?
>Do you know that there are people who actually think there is such an
>entity, separate from
>Dan?  I've seen people ask if they need an appointment to visit the
>Center.  They just want to
>come in and look around, even if Dan isn't there at the time..  They don't
>know that they'd
>be coming into his house, that the center is really his living
>room.  Shhhesh....
>Well enuff of my ranting....this is not a good day for me (obviously
><sigh>)  When I
>postponed my hike in 98, I "penciled in" 2/29/00 as my start date and
>obviously I'm
>not on my way to Springer.  I think I'll take a dog or two, and go
>>It appears my trailname is intact. <sigh>
>A piece of Dove would taste as sweet with anyname <g>.  But we luv your 
>wouldn't change it for the world ;^}
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Kahley, if experience serves me well, I know that his (WF's) is a short and 
tragic trip to sure self destruction, others of his kind, have followed the 
same road before, (i.e. Sen. McCarthy, etc.), you can only beat your own 
drum for so long before everyone can see that there is nothing of substance 
behind all that noise.
His is just a temporary inconvinience, many, like me, will see soon enough 
whom they are dealing with, and if they don't, then, they deserve Wingnuts.
Just a humble opinion. Orens
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