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Re: [pct-l] Bug Netting/North Country Trail

Adventure 16 has a neat thing called the Bug-Bivy.  It is a hoop made out
of deldrin with mosquitoe netting on it.  I rarely used my tent, and used
the bug-bivy instead.  The hoop folds into 3 smaller hoops by twisting, and
it slips under your head, it lies open over your sleeping bag.  It is hard
to envision unless you see it.   I was very frustrated in trying to use a
head net with my sleeping bag (the bugs were too close to my head and the
whinning mosquitoes kept waking me up,  and I was too hot and confined in
the bag.).  The folded hoop is about15-16 inches across, the net and hoop
weight 5 ounces, the carrying bag 2.

I never used my head net unless I was in camp and than only rarely.  I
think I used DEET three times (I do almost anything to avoid putting it
on).  I used a long-sleeved shirt, and long pants.

I don't remember being really bothered by no-see-ums on the PCT.  I have
been most bothered by no-see-ums near bodies of wather ,especially rivers
where there is a lot of moisture in the air.  The PCT willfully avoids
bodies of water and other such tender scenic features.


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