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[pct-l] Zip stove (again). - was: PCT Gear

At 12:06 PM 10/28/99 +0000, refunk@uswest.net wrote:
>USFS considers the Zip to be some kinda campfire and frowns on its use
>where campfires are forbidden.

This statement is incorrect. The USFS &NPS, in  published definitions in the code of federal regulations (CFR) has a definition for "stove" that is written in such a way that Zips are included with Fossil fuel stoves. 

Simply put USFS & NPS say the Zip is a "STOVE" not a Campfire.

In the rare instances that Zips are banned, the way they do this is to ban "all stove use" then specifically except fossil fuel stoves.

This statement is not intended to make any moral judgement of the Zip stove, just to clarify a point of law.

May the flame wars begin again.....(sigh)      <-- sarcastic comment

Brick Robbins
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