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[pct-l] RE: lightweight tents

My name is Ben & I'm a new subscriber to this list. I
hiked the AT in '95 (disguised as Kaptain Krummholz)
and am planning to begin a PCT walk this spring. I'm
currently living in San Francisco and have hiked quite
a bit of the PCT in the Sierra Nevada, but haven't
done more then day hikes in the other sections. 
Needless to say I'm about to split my breeches with
anticipation and excitement. And reading all the
postings from folks just getting off the trail is
truly inspiring.

But enough with the gushing. Regarding lightweight
tents, I recently saw something called the Unishelter
Integral Designs.  Its basically a bivy with a hoop
for headspace, weighs 40ozs., and costs about $250. 
It looked pretty well made, but I've never spent a
rainy night in one.  Has anyone used it? 

Ben Harth

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