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RE: [pct-l] RE: lightweight tents


I own a Unishelter.  It is a pole supported bivy sack.  That is, it has a
pole that creates space over the head.  The best feature of the Unishelter
is the way it opens: a double zipper runs from about waist level on one
side, up over the head, and down to shoulder level on the other side.  The
entire (huge) opening is backed by netting, so when its not raining you can
get great ventilation and still stay out of the bugs.  When it is raining,
you can leave openings at the side and at the top (there is a bit of velcro
to help things along) and get low/high "chimney style" ventilation.

While it is not the lightest bivy out there (I have the expedition/long
model) it is one of the most comfortable.

On the other hand, if you plan to "hole up" in your shelter, it is going to
feel very, very small.  There is enough room to lie on your side, back, or
stomach and read, but that is about it.  Changing clothes inside is, to put
it mildly, an interesting experience.  One hint is to use a full length pad
INSIDE the bivy to prevent condensation on the floor.

For summer hiking I currently use a tarp and a mosquito headnet.  If the
bugs got bad, I would probably bring more netting.

And my usual caveat for this list: I've never hiked the PCT, and my longest
hike was an 85 mile trek in PA.  My "minimum pack weight" (no food, no
water) is about fourteen pounds right now.

-- Jim

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My name is Ben & I'm a new subscriber to this list. I
hiked the AT in '95 (disguised as Kaptain Krummholz)
and am planning to begin a PCT walk this spring. I'm
currently living in San Francisco and have hiked quite
a bit of the PCT in the Sierra Nevada, but haven't
done more then day hikes in the other sections. 
Needless to say I'm about to split my breeches with
anticipation and excitement. And reading all the
postings from folks just getting off the trail is
truly inspiring.

But enough with the gushing. Regarding lightweight
tents, I recently saw something called the Unishelter
Integral Designs.  Its basically a bivy with a hoop
for headspace, weighs 40ozs., and costs about $250. 
It looked pretty well made, but I've never spent a
rainy night in one.  Has anyone used it? 

Ben Harth

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