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Re: [pct-l] Introduction to Jamie and Ray

My turn, my turn to

>differ with Strider's favorite stretch.

I have live for almost 40 years in San Diego and I love hiking in the desert
and chaparral from the boarder to the Sierra's.  This type of floral and
fauna cannot be found anywhere else along The Trail.  It's wonderful to hike
among those plants-that-bite and enjoy the wide open expanses of a good
burned out area.  The inhospitableness is great.  Oh and do not forget the
100+ temperatures; it's great when that hot dry air courses into your
lungs, drying out everything in its path.  I love it!

>It's a great excuse for a road trip. I'll be there!! 
See ya Margo.

Tim and Ann (She would disagree with the above statements.  Her favorite
area is anywhere above timberline.)
The Ravens
PCT 96'

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