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[pct-l] Favorite Sections

I think it depends on the time of the year which section is best. It's hard 
to beat the Southern Cal. section in the spring when the desert is in full 
bloom and water is still in the creeks ( sad to hear about recent holcomb 
creek fire ) plus snow is still in high parts of  trail. Then again 
Washington is nice in Sept. with Indian Summers, less snow, no bugs. The 
South to North hiker gets to see the best of the trail at the best times for 
each section except for the Sierra's which the average thru-hiker is a tad 
early for. The Sierra's are hard to beat. ( I do like the Olympic's by my 
home which would be a close second ) If you can,t thru-hike this trail and 
only have a few weeks, it depends what time of year it is. If it''s April, go 
to Southern Cal., in Sept, then go to Washington. I would love to see the 
Sierra's in July, though it may be hard to get a permit. Have a good trip!!!! 
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