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[pct-l] Goforth update

> Stevens Pass, Sept. 7, 1999
>      Well, Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens was mostly rainy -
> some snows; no views, some mosquitoes -- but slosh + snow on
> 2 Passes to 36F - felt really cold.
>       Strange to grow old + still be wondering. Wondering
> where I'll be in a week + wondering what the weather holds
> for October.
>                    Goforth

I was with Goforth on this section, and it was truly wet and cold! We
stayed in a hotel at Skykomish to dry out, and met several thruhikers --
Sean, John, Mike & Ellen...

We ran into Goforth several times on the Stevens to Stehekin section and
the weather was truly spectacular (as is the scenery). Last I saw her, she
gave me a big hug in Stehekin as I rushed off to catch the first morning
bus back to the trail. The weather continues to be pretty darned nice for

I also saw Ron, Little Bear, three guys whose names I never got, and one
southbound thruhiker who had done quite a bit northbound, but got off for
a while after his dad passed away.

At Manning, I saw a note that Sean, John, and Dana hooked up for the last
section, and did the Glacier Pass to Monument 78 in a day! That's 41.2
miles, and not flat believe me! John had instigated this, as he was really
ready to get back to his wife.

I just did a short section, but it was interesting seeing the thruhiker
culture and mentality. Interesting folks, all of them. Thanks to Goforth
for introducing me to them!


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