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I received some questions about the Wild Ideas canister I referred to in an 
earlier post.  Here's what I know.  Wild Ideas are two aerospace engineers 
from Santa Barbara who are avid hikers and got this brainstorm about making a 
lighter canister.  They made 50 prototypes after doing some zoo testing.  
They were approved by some NPS sites where they were rented at $5/day.  I 
managed to track them down through some info I got from backpacking.net.  
After evaluating the results of field trials they were going into mass 
production some time this year I believe.  They are not advertizing yet nor 
do they have a website or company phone number.  My can worked fine.  It had 
150% the capacity of the newer Garcia for one pound less.  This model was too 
big for me and only fit into my 4000 cu. in. internal frame pack placed 
vertically.  They are coming out with a smaller can which will of course 
weigh less.  I will contact them and find out when they are going public.  
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