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[pct-l] Yet Another WA Snow Report

Sorry to keep this thread alive, but just got back from two nights at
Cougar Lakes just east of the PCT and Mt. Rainier National Park. Lots of
snow starting at 5,000 feet--plus miserable weather--rain, fog, cold and
even some sleet at night. Our campsite on the lake was only 2 miles from
the PCT but we lost the connector trail in the snowfields. The reports of
astonishing deadfall are true--I've rarely seen so many downed trees.
Across the lake we could see (when the fog lifted) tops of trees sheared
off by avalanches or just heavy snow depths.

I'd be very interested to read trip reports of those who hike the complete
Washington section this year. It will be an ordeal to remember.

Tom Griffin, University of Washington
E-mail: griffin@u.washington.edu
HIKING PAGE http://weber.u.washington.edu/~griffin/hikes1.html
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