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[pct-l] So Cal PCT section hiking partner(s)

I'm looking for a dependable partner or  couple from southern California
who would be interested in hiking 30-mile (plus or minus) segments of
the PCT two weekends per month over the next ten months. I live in
Bakersfield. You don't have to! You just need wheels to shuttle between
trailheads and email to communicate.  
I don't think I'm thru-hiker material, but I like to backpack and in the
past couple of years I have been more and more drawn to the PCT. The
PCTA and the oddballs on this list have me hooked! I've done most of
California sections F, G and J. I'd like to chip away at the southern
sections as weather permits between now and next summer. In July/August,
I want to hike from Mt. Whitney to Sonora Pass. I would probably welcome
a partner or two on that excursion also.    
 I'm 48; I run science labs and teach geology for a living; I have no
use for drugs, alcoholic beverages, religions, domestic animals, guns,
or racists. Other than that, I'm pretty easy-going!  I realize this is a
rather casual way to enjoy the trail compared to a hard-core six-month
trek. But all you can do is all you can do.  If anyone is interested in
this idea, please respond  to my home address <jostdick@webtv.net> 

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