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[pct-l] Safe Water Anywhere bottles

I have stopped using the pump filters because of the time needed to pump and
switched to the Safe Water Anywhere bottles.  I have used their earlier
bottle now for two years with no problems.  This year I bought their new
bottle with prefilters and my son uses a Platapus bag with an inline Safe
Water Anywhere filter.  I really enjoy being able to scoop up water at
stream crossings and drink it immediately while it is nice & cold.  I know I
get some strange looks from people that think I am drinking unfiltered

Their WEB site is http://www.safewateranywhere.co.

I don't have any connection with this company but it seems like a really
good product that works immediately, is light, and not very expensive.

Douglas A. Prosser, Pharm.D.

Ambulatory Care Pharmacist-Pediatric Oncology
Kaiser Permanente
5601 De Soto Ave.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Phone: 818-719-3686 (8-348-3686)
Fax: 818-719-3573 (8-348-3573)
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