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[pct-l] Filter Clog

I just returned from  a good stint on the CDT in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. 
To deal with water bugs, my son and I would just eat oatmeal each morning 
topped with Milkman mixed with straight Clorox. We each carried a gallon. We 
can no longer talk now as our throats are fried, but we killed all possible 
water germs. We would mix the clorox 50/50 with water to drink. ( not really 
)  We did carry my sweetwater filter which is 2 years old and clogged on the 
3rd day even after brushing it out with it,s little bottle brush. The rest of 
the trip, we just drank out of all creeks and rivers by just dipping in our 
cups. With the World,s worst Horse Fly population, this was great as a stop 
of over 4 seconds would have half a dozen horse flies trying  to suck your 
body dry. ( If you kill one, ten would come to it,s funeral ) How do some of 
these hikers draw water like it,s a sugical procedure? In days gone by, 
people had resistance to many common water critters. Now with people drinking 
" Pasturized " water all there life, they get sick the second they step 
outdoors without treating. We drink well water here and have never filtered 
water until two years ago when hiking. Some people may have more resistance 
to water woes than others because they have more exposure. ( Like going to 
Mexico, only we get sick while the locals just laugh at us )  Monte
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