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Re: [pct-l] frog togs ...

On 8/5/99 11:08 PM Timshaffer@aol.com Timshaffer@aol.com wrote:

>the pct-l messages about this jacket sound interesting, but i can't find any 
>information about this brand through the usual sources ...  anyone have a 
>web site or 800 number for frog tog sources?

Charles LIndsey of The Lightweight Backpacker 
<http://www.backpacking.net> has a review of them. They've also been 
discussed alot on the Backpacking Light mailing list which you can find 
at <http://www.onelist.com>. The folks at 
will happily sell you a suit. I've been meaning to get one for the past 
month but other things have been more pressing.

  ** Ken **

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