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RE: [pct-l] multifunctional rain gear


Where can we see this?

It's interesting to me that you suggest the poncho for a groundcloth.
I guess that still beats the heck out of the folks who advocate using 
their poncho for a tent.  They're stuck in camp any time it rains.  
(It always rains in Oregon.)  This is the closest to a 'functional' 
use for raingear that I've encountered.  

However, it still begs the question-- What do you do when it's raining?  
Is the poncho raingear or a groundcloth?  I have this image of you 
ripping the groundcloth out from under your sleep pad and bag to avoid 
getting wet in camp; or, taking your poncho on a day hike, but, 
leaving your sleeping bag and pad attached to your pack under the tarp 
for the day where they can't loft.  In either case, unless you're 
thru-hiking and therefore either on the trail or in your tent (no gray 
area), this seems like the place I don't want a multifunctional unit.
What am I missing?


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