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Re: [pct-l] rain gear in summer

check out the new Lowe Triple Point Ceramic ultra lightweight cloting. I picked up a jacket that weighs 11 ounces, half the weight of my gore-tex Marmot Thunderlight. Yes, it has less features, but it works in the rain and has a hood. They're cheap, to, compared to gore-tex. $99 for the jacket.
I still recommend a poncho, but we all have our biases. (You can't use a jacket as a ground sheet under a tarp!)
Happy Hiking!
> I think this post has it backwards. I prefer Gore in the summer as it
> breathes in the warmer storms.  Many mountaineers use vapor barriers, i.e.
> coated nylon, in winter as it holds in heat, the last thing I would want in
> the summer.  Just a thought for what works.
> >>I don't see any compelling need for Goretex in August. Yes, the
> Sierras do always have that rare chance of throwing nasty weather at
> you. There's even been snow during the summer but it's not very
> likely. The worst I plan for in summer is a nasty thunderstorm and
> those don't usually last more than a few hours.
> >>I'm not a big fan of ponchos. They're awkward and wind just seems to
> blow the rain underneath them anyway. I prefer these light weight
> coated nylon rain suits. That and _maybe_ a pack cover should be
> plenty of rain protection."
> >>- -Karl
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