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[pct-l] Packing a Bear Canister

I've been lurking on this list for a couple of years and have managed to
"filter" some very good information from the postings.  This post is a
request for information that I haven't been able to find so far.

1 - For Tom Reynolds - Would you please go into more detail about exactly
    how much of what foods go into your bear canister for a maximum trip?
    Where do you obtain some of these ingredients (obviously not at the
    local grocery store... at least not here in Gilroy, CA)?  What is your
    menu for each day of the trip?  What is the estimated caloric content
    of each day's meals?

2 - For those who don't use bear canisters - Please answer the same
    questions for your bear bag (or whatever).

I have seen the occasional favorite recipe but no fully detailed lists
of what a thru-hiker (section hiker, etc.) would pack for food for the
longest interval between resupply points.

Jack Howe
PCT Interested Party

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