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RE: [pct-l] Tent color

>From: Peter Haskell <pchaskell@hotmail.com>
>I just ordered a Nomad in yellow, but it then occurred to me that a darker 
>color might make sleeping under the big sky easier.  Any thoughts on that?

What? Maybe under a full moon you'd notice the difference.

Doesn't anyone enjoy sleeping under the stars anymore? You'll only
catch me in a tent during the winter. Looking up in "the big sky"
while snug in my sleeping bag is part of the love of being outdoors
for me.

But I can offer you some advice. I have a yellow Bibler that I have
used once or twice in the summer, when my wife comes along, that
attracts lots of curious bees during the day. I've been told that it's
impossible to take a nap during the day with so much buzzing going
on. I've also heard that the lime-green color also attracts the bees.


        Dave Encisco
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