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Re: [pct-l] Tent color


You articulated it perfectly.  Light IS more cheerful.  On the other hand, 
recent research (see the book POWER SLEEP) shows that dark in important to a 
restful sleep.

Any other views out there?


>From: Birgitte Jensen <bjensen4@juno.com>
>To: pchaskell@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: [pct-l] Tent color
>Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 14:43:46 -0700
>Hi, Pete, I know what you mean. Light _and_ dark both have advantages.
>The general idea is that a yellow tent is  more "cheerful" if you're
>stuck in it for any length of time, cooler in hot weather, and is more
>visible to rescuers, gulp. Insomniacs like dark tents to keep out the
>light (heck put a bandana over your eyes or bring an airline sleep-mark);
>they absorb heat so are marginally warmer night _and_ day and dry out
>faster. (oh yeah, and blend in with woodsy surroundings betterbut see
>Big plus of your tent IMHO: if you get up/leave the tent after dark for
>some reason (ahem <g>), a dark tent is harder to find your way back to on
>a moonless night; it sounds laughable, which it is, but can be
>panic-making and even risky on a cold night.  And while on a regular
>backpack, if you leave camp for a dayhike, you can find your tent again
>  I'm not posting, but pass this on if you think somebody else could use
>it.....      bj
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