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[pct-l] Death Man post

Dear PCTL,

I must apologize for the misconception of my post in regards to my meeting
Monte Dodge.  If anyone had reason to be offended, shouldn't it be Monte?
After all it wasn't any of you that I called an S.O.B.  I spoke with Monte
on the phone last night and he said "What are you kidding? Me take
something from you seriously? Ha!"

It saddens me to lose Shawnee Cavnar-Brown and potentially SueBee over such
a silly thing.  It is truely unfortunate when individuals choose to
interpret statements in the most offensive and personal manner possible.

I believe that my contributions to this list have been significant and I
have obviously enjoyed offering my 2 cents and receiving those of others.
I have also offered some rather stupid, silly, hopefully humourous to some,
comments.  Perhaps I was mistaken in the assumption that the participants
in this list do as I do and simply send to trash the posts that don't
interest me.  Similarly, I choose to avoid web sites, literature, TV
channels, radio stations, etc. that offend me or don't interest me, and
when I accidently come across one I quickly move on, without taking offense
or personal disgust!

The list will be poorer with the loss of these individuals.  I apologize if
my actions have contributed to this loss. But then, I look back over my
collection of posts from this list and find the contributions of Shawnee to
be . . .  well, you make up your own mind and I'll keep this opinion to

I continue to believe this list to be a great source of PCT and long
distance hiking information and enjoy the batter and take and give that
proceeds.  Those that are easily offended need not apply.  I, for one,
intend to stay on and enjoy, until Brick kicks me off for one of my stupid
comments or my knees give out and I have to start playing chess!

Three days to Mammoth and counting . . . I will report on the conditions in
the Ansel Adams wilderness area when I return on the 8th or so.

Best regards to all of you who are not so easily offended, or simply ignore.

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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