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Re: [pct-l] News from the Trail

Hey, I LIKE "over-the-hill" because it implies life on the trail.  Up one 
hill (or mountain), up the next, etc.  Reminds me of my favorite 
"Geriatric" experience last summer on the trail.  We had met some young 
women who were getting their packs together around 9 am.  They asked us 
for some info that was not on their map.  We were near Mt Adams.  They 
had questions about mileage and since I had copied the mileage and 
elevation points from the guidebook I had a convenient list to refer to.  
We looked at that, talked about where we had begun our hikes and where we 
were headed that day, and then Scott and I departed saying, "See you on 
the trail--You'll Be passing us."  They agreed, but then I love the look 
on their spokesperson's face when she realized that they would probably 
NOT pass us since we had started that morning south of where they had 
started the day before, and our ending point that day was north of where 
they were headed.  She hopefully has a new view of what "older" hikers 
can do, as well as what her own abilities might be.

Happy Hiking,

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